Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All Eyes on Him in the Center of the Ring Just Like a Circus

So I had my camera all posed for Dane's grand entrance @ KinderCircus & totally missed him walking in due to mane coverage-ugh! He was right @ front of line behind teacher & ringmaster (his buddy Josh). Another disclaimer is I figured out how to adjust ISO for the lighting since usually appears so dark in gym; however, it's rather grainy & frequently fuzzy so still not ideal pics. Oh well! FWIW, he told teacher he was fine when I pleaded with her to do quick costume check & eventually moved it outta his way himself. Yet knowing drama we experience on pretty much daily basis prior to my kindergartener being dressed n' out of the house, most likely marred start of show as visible by his expression-GRRRRR

Lucky for us the lions performed first, but we loved all the acts as usual! This is our 4th circus @ Zeiger Elem since we'd gone before boys' turns to watch neighbors & friends. Post title credit to Ms Spears:) Couldn't help but have that song goin' through my head albeit kindergarten-appropriate performance...

They do such a good job with this tradition right down to set-up...It takes months of preparation with the music & actual performances; however, the absence of strong man & popcorn afterward was duly noted:/ This pic doesn't really do span justice with their rings & clowns sitting in baskets:) Dane's class is on the left side!Here is Dane's part o' circus train around room; I got to help him paint it when I volunteered previous week, which opportunity has sadly dwindled to like once per mo in his class & even less for Cole:/ Of course, I strongly encouraged him to feature his own animal:)He also colored this lion outside his classroom--Overall we roared our approval & appreciated supportive aunts in attendance as well!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Take Me Awaaaay...A Sweet Escape

So we went in search of sun...still looking but apparently spotted the moon:/ Love how he's just chillin' while I find a dry swimmer before naptime:)
Nevertheless we were happy to be along for the ride with my beloved parents, rest o' Shaw girls & significant others incl my 3 lil' men--Missed Mike, Rachel & girls dearly but looking forward to being reunited in Great NoWest since there's no place like home esp when we can be all together next month for this blessed event also Bergesons' anniversary: Uffens were MIA due to upcoming move to Gulf o' Mexico, so guess we will just have to visit 'em there next...but I digress! Now will try to just let the pics do the talking...ok I might add caption or 2 even if no one reads 'em:) i.e. Luke is just happy to be off the airplane!
Aunt Cait helped him warm up to the pool starting with HGVC slide...
Add Baby Bun who traveled cross country without batting an eye to bond with us--
Next big bros should join in the fun...
The pool was definitely a fam fav this time around...Now we're ready for the King's Land slides...

The little boys loved the fountains/spray did the big boys!

Dane was excited to golf behind the clubhouse, with Grandpa & uncles x 2 on the Kings' & Beach Courses as well as the putting green behind the condo!

You'll never guess which son would rather whack a coconut on the golf course...There's Cole comin' over the horizon:)

Rest o' time my eldest was in water while dumb mom overlooked power of its reflection...we remembered fast after aloe ending to first day!
So we took break from rays to visit turtles/dolphins @ Waikoloa Village; Cole got up close & personal by feeding 'em plumeria:)

Huey preferred being carried most of the time or rode in style between Bay Club & Grandpa/ma's Colony Villa!
Never mind the wind...we braved the torrential rains @ times even on the beach as true Washingtonians to build a sea turtle outta sand--Nor would a trip to HI be complete without jumping in alongside Grandpa/ma:)

Our only Big Island adventure was up to the black sand beach-Paholu Point.
Luke decided to get sick en route, so I got to carry him all the way down while he slept or spewed and all the way back up! Felt badly for him although grateful it was just one-day deal, but didn't mind lil' extra workout considering didn't exercise much rest o' week...Jake was concerned about his lil' buddy & others took water break to enjoy the view/photo op!

Beck's Devils?! Poor Huey!

Had to take advantage of pic with Shaw Wahines minus Rach; never mind Luke's dazed & confused look with bros/cousin as well-

So proud of Cait for hiking with us!!

Cole met a little gecko friend in his cabana...So I had to catch it as proof that I'm mother o' boys eh?

In lieu of a luau indoors once again due to inclement weather, Grandpa Gar chose last supper @ Tommy Bahama's=fine dining for Parker boys:) Chicken lollypop anyone? That slider was prepared for the rainfall:? Meanwhile Dane was trying to set record re: # restaurants from which he could order mac n' cheese & mom actually let him...that & 10 hrs of NintendoDS/movies on plane were dreams come true in & of themselves:)

So entertainment that night ended up being breakdance/hip hop battle outside the Mauna Lani shops instead of native hula variety but boys were just as attentive if not more so:) In fact, rest o' night they had a little more pep in their step as we bought last souvenirs..."Shake it boooooys!" (Luke kept saying that as well as chanting "Go Dane! Go Dane!" in encouragement of his brother known for his moves:)
Attempted to catch final sunset as well n' had photo shoot around Waikoloa Village afterwards...

Cole was such a fish that he wanted to go after late-night BBQ too...My full tummy joined him on mother-son date:)

Mahalo once again Grandpa Gar & Grandma Neecy!!